Artwood provides timber cladding solutions for any type of stair construction. All Artwood finishes can be used for stair cladding including combining different finishes as treads and risers.

Stairs - Crown Club


Crown Club Guernsey stairs clad in planks from our Classic Collection to match their flooring. Engineered bullnose in matching finish was provided.


Stairs - Private House


Solid oak staircase in Classic Ledbury finish.


Bespoke staircase Bespoke staircase with risers made from Rasata panels in Silver finish and treads in a contrasting Terra Collection finish.
Stairs - Showroom Staircase in Rutland finish from our Precious Metal Pearl Collection using engineered timber planks for construction.
Stairs - Showroom Stairs clad using timber planks and nosing in high gloss Tiger Black-Red finish.